Homeowners' Exemption

If you own a home and occupy it as your principal place of residence on January 1, you may apply for an exemption of $7,000 of your assessed value. New property owners will automatically receive an exemption application. Annually, thereafter, you can confirm your exemption by reviewing the Value Card mailed annually to you between June and July before the delivery of your bill by the Tax Collector. 

Homeowners' Exemption's may also apply to the supplemental assessment, if it was not previously applied to the regular assessment.

To learn more, check out the Homeowner's Exemption FAQ in English (PDF) or the Homeowner's Exemption FAQ in Spanish (PDF).

To request a Homeowners' Exemption, please complete and mail the form below to the Assessor's Office.
Homeowners' Exemption Form BOE-266 Spanish (PDF)
Homeowners' Exemption Form BOE-266 English (PDF)

If you need to remove your Homeowners' Exemption, please complete and mail to the Assessor's Office the Cancellation of Homeowners' Exemption Form (PDF).