Tax Savings Available

Tax savings are available by way of Exemptions, Base Year Value Transfers and Exclusions. 

  • Exemptions reduce taxes by a set amount allowed by law due to types of property use, such as the homeowners' exemption that allows a tax decrease due to primary residence use, or an institutional exemption that provides a tax savings for property used for public or religious uses such as for schools or churches.
  • Transfers of Base Year Value allow a transfer of assessed value from one property to another based on certain conditions such as transfers between parent and child, persons over the age of 55, victims of natural disaster, etc.
    • These transfers are also called Exclusions because the properties are excluded from reappraisal when the base year value is used for the assessed value. 

Below are the webpages regarding the most used ways to save on taxes. Please call us to inquire about other forms of tax savings, such as the Rain Water Capture System Exclusion and Low Income Housing Exclusions. 

Additional information regarding Property Tax Savings has been provided by the Taxpayers' Right Advocate of California. Visit the Property Tax Savings Information Sheets website to download the PDF documents.