Emergency Alerts

Stay Informed

During an emergency, the Sheriff's Office will alert you to the threat through the Everbridge Emergency Alert System (via text, call, or email). If you have not registered, do so now to ensure that you are in the loop. Without registration you may not receive notifications.   Everbridge- Zonehaven Flyer with QR Codes.

Evacuation routes are always incident-specific because the best route to take is always relative to the location and type of threat. When an emergency evacuation occurs, make sure to check for alerts and open Zonehaven AWARE to review the status of your Zone.

Town Sirens

WhistleMost communities in Sierra County have town sirens. These are tested every day at Noon with a the “standard” 3-second wail to signify the device is working properly. A 120-second alert/wail will be set off by fire dispatch when there is a problem significant enough to require all fire and EMS personnel to report to the fire station and monitor their radios for further instruction. A 3-minute series of high-low wails (a 3-second wail followed by 3-seconds winding down pitch) signifies an active fire in the area and the town is being threatened.

Instructions could be given through the PA system at the siren tower. 

Visitor Emergency InformationVisitor Flyer Capture Opens in new window

Sierra County has many unique characteristics, especially when it comes to emergencies and advanced medical care. This flyer highlights helpful information to assist visitors in safely enjoying our frontier county.