Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)

On April 4, 2023 the Sierra County Board of Supervisors adopted a new building ordinance to expedite the permitting process for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS).

With this new EVCS ordinance, the permit processing review time will be streamlined, as well as offer applicants the ability to submit applications electronically.  

Note: the EVCS ordinance will be codified in Sierra County Code Title 12 - Building, Chapter 4 - Building Codes - adding a new Section 200 - Expedited Permitting Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. [SCC §12.04.200] To view or print the complete Ordinance no. 1123 as adopted, please see below.

EVCS Permit Forms & Information

Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) Permit Application Electronic Submittal Form

  1. Please answer the question in the space above:

  2. Please upload a fully completed and signed BD-01 Building Application Form here.

  3. Please upload a fully completed and signed BD-03 Owner-Builder Notice & Certification Form here.

  4. Please initial here that you have read the BD-04 Owner-Builder What to Know Form

  5. Please upload a fully completed BD-23A EVCS Permit Review Checklist here.

  6. Please upload a copy of the Electrical Service Load Calculations for sizing of the electrical service panel pursuant to CA Electrical Code (CEC) Article 220.

  7. Please upload a EVCS Set of Plans.  Please see the BD-23A EVCS Permit Review Checklist Submittal Information for information on the documents required for your project.

  8. Please upload a copy of the EVCS Manufacturer Installation Details and Specifications here.

  9. Please note that electrical floor plans are not required for exterior installations.

  10. This approval letter must be provided if a dedicated electrical meter is to be installed for the EVCS.

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