New Manufactured Home


In general, Manufactured Homes that are constructed and certified to federal (HUD) and state (HCD) standards are preempted from most state and local building standards. Manufactured homes also enjoy reduced permit fees. However, there are still zoning and basic safety requirements that the County must verify based on site-specific local conditions—for example: property line setbacks, high snow loads, floodplains, or placement on steep and potentially unstable slopes. Please be aware, too, that although the manufactured home itself may be exempt from certain state and local building codes and requirements, other development features related to the sitting or placement of a manufactured home may not be exempt—such as: exterior decks, detached garages and carports, grading, driveway improvements, emergency fire protection improvements, and so forth


The following items are required for a complete application submittal for a permit to install a manufactured home in Sierra County (ref., Sierra County Code §12.12.060). Incomplete submittals may delay the plan check process.

SC Building Permit Application BD-01

SC Authorization for Agent to Act on Property Owner's Behalf BD-02

SC Owner-Builder Verification and Certification BD-03

SC Owner-Builder What to Know BD-04

SC Plot Plan Requirements BD-05

SC Snow Load Requirements BD-06

SC New Manufactured Home Submittal Requirements BD-08

SC CAL Fire Regulations BD-15

SC Contractor and Engineer's List BD-16

HCD 433 A Form