Building Division

Mission Statement

The Building Inspection Division of the Planning Department is committed to assuring safety in the building environment, while meeting the needs of the community in an efficient, equitable, and cost effective manner.


The Division strives to maintain the highest level of customer service and technical expertise possible, while serving the building professional, owner-builder, real estate interests, and related third parties. We promote open communication, while providing accurate information; and, encourage positive working relationships by cooperation and sharing of information and resources.

Please visit our links for design criteria, jurisdictional policy and procedures, forms, building code updates, County Ordinance Code, owner-builder information, applications, plan review, and other information to assist you in the permit process. For application instructions or further information, please contact the building department at 530-289-3251.

We process applications, review plans, and inspect construction in the county in order to ensure the work complies with the required safety regulations and building codes for safe and habitable structures.

We serve unincorporated Sierra County. Please contact us before starting a building or remodeling project. Contact the City of Loyalton for building services within the city.