Current Planning Projects

The projects below have been submitted to the Planning Department for consideration. Links to studies, staff reports, public hearing notices, etc. will be added as the information is available.

To receive notifications or additional documentation about current planning projects please email Jill Molaris and indicate the project you are interested in.

          Planning Commission Agenda, 11.12.2020
      Planning Commission Agenda, 10.15.2020
          Planning Commission Minutes, 10.15.2020

PDF # 1615   Sierra Hot Springs Zone Amendment & Conditional Use Permit
             Sierra County Planning Dept. Staff Report and Recommendation 
(not yet available)
(Prepared by Dudek for Sierra County Planning Dept.)
Sierra Hot Springs Masterplan Booklet
Hot Springs Masterplan Booklet 
(Prepared by applicant/developer's design team)
                    Notice of Intent to Adopt MND
                    Notice of Extended Public Review Period

PDF # 1608 Firm Foundation Academy Compliance Review
                    Planning Commission Notice of Meeting
                    FFA Annual Compliance Review Staff Report

PDF # 1655  Upper North Yuba Forest Health and Resiliency Project

                     Notice of Intent
                     Sierra Nevada Conservancy Notice of Public Hearing

PDF # 1647 Big Springs Garden Conditional Use Permit & Site Plan Review
                    July 19, 2018 Staff Report & Agenda
                    May 17, 2018 Staff Report-Interim
                    Notice of Availability
                    Initial Study / Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration

PDF # 1669 AT&T Downieville Cell Tower Project
ATT DV Cell Tower, Notice of Circulation
ATT DV Cell Tower, Notice of Intent
ATT DV Cell Tower, Mitigated Neg Dec

Sierra County Energy Action Plan