Planning Fees

Application Processing

Application processing shall only occur after a deposit is made to the department. The amount of the deposit will be determined by the department, and will be based on the average of estimated costs for similar applications which have been previously processed.

Application Processing Fees

Application processing fees shall be charged for all work performed by the county, based on actual time spent on each application at $65 per hour, as adopted by Resolution Number 05-064.

Application Review Fee

A nonrefundable application review fee of $100 is required at the time of application submission. This shall cover the cost for the department to review the application for completeness, determine the appropriate deposit for further application processing, and to convey any issues or concerns to the applicant.

Additional Costs

Processing cost are project driven. An estimated cost is determined (based on previous similar projects). The office tracks all expenses and will either determine that the estimated costs are sufficient, request a deposit of more funds, or complete a refund to the applicant.

There may be additional costs incurred for the processing of an application for the county engineer and a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review.