Adult Probation Programs


As directed by the court, the probation department will supervise individuals prior to conviction                                              and sentencing. This program is for individuals who cannot afford to post bail, and for one                                                      reason or another are not appropriate for a release on their own recognizance. Although not yet                                            convicted of any crime, they are subject to conditions of release and supervision as directed by                                              the court; this often includes electronic monitoring.

Drug Diversion                 

In some circumstances, a defendant charged with a drug offense is offered the chance to                                                     complete a drug treatment program in lieu of prosecution. If they complete the program, the case is dismissed without a conviction. If they fail the program, the case is returned to criminal court. The probation department monitors program participation.

Prop 36                            

Somewhat similar to drug diversion, but a more intense treatment program and more supervision by probation. Unlike drug diversion, this program is post-conviction.

Drug Court                       

A specialized program for individuals with drug or addictions, regardless of the type of offense.                                             This is a collaborative program involving the court, probation, social services, the district attorney, the public defender and medical professionals. The program is very intense and can take as long as two years, but it has an excellent success rate.


In addition to the above programs, the probation department also supervises the following                                                     classifications:

  • Some misdemeanors if directed by the court
  • All felons who are not sentenced to prison
  • Post Release Community Supervision
  • Mandatory Supervision
  • Individuals on probation in other states who are living in Sierra County