Court Investigator

At times the Civil Division of the Superior Court appoints the chief probation officer to act as a court investigator in civil matters. In such instances, a probation officer will conduct an investigation and make a recommendation to the court as to the appropriateness of beginning, continuing, or terminating the following types of court petitions:


 This is a court process that is established when because of age or disability, an individual no longer is able to care                for themselves. It can cover the person and/or their estate. The court appointed conservator (the person taking care of the individual) can either be a relative or the Public Guardian.


This is a minor who is in need of the protection of the court for some reason. An example would be a grandparent                 who wishes to obtain legal guardianship of their grandchild because neither of the natural parents is currently willing or able to provide proper care for the child.

Step-Parent Adoptions

This is a step-parent who is married to one of the natural parents of a child and wishes to adopt the child. The                   investigator examines whether or not this action is in the best interest of the child.

Name Change

If an adult wishes to have their name changed legally, the court investigator conducts an investigation to make sure           there is no unlawful reason for the name change.

Marriage of Minor

When a minor wishes to marry someone, whether the intended spouse is an adult or another minor, the court                       requires the engaged couple to complete several steps before granting them a marriage license. The court                         investigator determines whether or not all requirements have been met.