Grievance and Appeal Process

Patient’s Right Advocate

The Patient’s Rights Advocate is available for consumers and families, to help resolve issues; and respond to grievances/complaints about behavioral health services. Clients will not be subject to any penalty or discrimination for filing a complaint/grievance and may appeal decisions.

Grievance and Appeal Process

Individuals are encouraged to discuss issues regarding their behavioral health services directly with their provider. Every effort will be made to resolve the issue at an informal level. They may also contact the Patient’s Right Advocate at (530) 886-5419 or (916) 787-8979. Individuals are provided with a Grievance Notification Form at the time of registration for services.

Individuals may file a grievance regarding unhappiness with the provision of behavioral health services by notifying the Patient’s Rights Advocate, a staff member of Sierra County Behavioral Health, or by completing a grievance form. Clients may obtain a grievance form in the Loyalton and Downieville waiting rooms, or by calling the S.O.C. Managed Care Unit. Clients will receive a written response to their grievance. The decision can be appealed.

Grievance Form

Medi-Cal State “Fair Hearings”

Medi-Cal beneficiaries who disagree with the denial, reduction or termination of their Medi-Cal Behavioral Health services have the right to file for a State Hearing at any time. Instructions on filing for a State Hearing are available on the Notice of Adverse Benefit Determination forms or by calling the Patient’s Rights Advocate.

Mental Health Services Act Issue Resolution Process

Sierra County's Behavioral Health Department's Mental Health Services Act has a system for community members and stakeholders to resolve concern or grievances regarding the activities of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

Mental Health Services Act Issue Resolution Process

For assistance for all or any of the above procedures, contact any of the following:

Patient’s Rights Advocate

(530) 886-5419

Managed Care/Quality Improvement Coordinator

(530) 886-5440

24 hour telephone number for complaint/grievance procedure information

(888) 886-5401

Change of provider/request for second opinion form