Property is released by appointment only.

Please review the appropriate sections below for information on how to recover your items.

Safekeeping Property

Items submitted for temporary safekeeping must be claimed within 60 days of the Sheriff's Office taking possession, or they will be disposed of as specified by law. (All perishable and open containers of alcohol will be destroyed at intake.) You or an authorized representative will need to call to make an appointment. If items are to be released to a representative, the representative will need written authorization from the owner and photo identification before property or evidence can be released. (Civil Code Section 2080.10)

Found Property

Items submitted as found property will be held for 90 days. Finders wanting to claim the items need to complete a found property statement at the time the property is turned over to the office. If no owner has come forward, finders making a claim will be notified by mail at the end of the 90-day period for pick up.

Recovered Property or Evidence (Stolen or Embezzled Property)

If property, which is allegedly stolen or embezzled, has been taken from you by the Sheriff's Office, pursuant to Penal Code section 1413, upon being served a notice from this office of a claim of ownership, you will have 15 days from the date of service of the notice to dispute that claim, in writing to the property officer. After you have been given an opportunity to be heard on this matter, the property in question may be released to you or to the person claiming to be the true owner. If criminal charges are filed, you may ask the court hearing the case to review the decision of this office. If you choose to waive your rights, such action may not be held against you in any criminal proceeding.


Items submitted as evidence will only be released if the assigned investigator authorizes the release in writing or you present a Superior Court order ordering the release of the items. Court orders will need to be presented to the property/evidence officer along with photo identification.

Release of Firearms

Release of Firearms