Domestic Wells

Sierra County Environmental Health is responsible for enforcement of standards and codes regarding the construction, modification, and destruction of water wells and other special use wells in order to protect Sierra County's groundwater resources. Environmental Health staff reviews and approves applications and conducts on-site well seal inspections and well location verification. Well drillers must obtain Environmental Health approval and a permit issued by the Sierra County Building Department prior to drilling a well.

Water wells are commonly used as the potable water supply in Sierra County. The purpose of our work is to protect groundwater quality and to ensure an adequate and safe drinking water supply for the residents of Sierra County.

Improper well construction or destruction, and poor well maintenance can provide channels for harmful contaminants to enter the groundwater, reducing its quality and posing a threat to the environment and users of water.

After construction, private domestic well water is not regulated by any government agency, and it is the responsibility of the individual property owner to ensure that their drinking water supply is safe by having the well water tested by a state certified laboratory.

Permits are required for the construction, destruction, deepening, and repair of a water well. Well drillers are required to follow the California Water Well Standards developed by the California Department of Water Resources. 

Water Well Application

BD-19 Environmental Health Well/Building Application Form

New Well Application completion checklist

Well Fees

Service Service Charge & Fee
Water well construction (new domestic or agriculture) $ 364.00
Water well modification (deepen or reperforate) $ 273.00
Well Destruction (water well or MW - up to 10 MWs per project) $ 228.00
Penalty Fees  
Well Begun or Completed Without a Permit (additional to permit fees) +$ 228.00
Well Completed Without an Inspection Request (additional to permit fees) +$ 228.00

Abandoned Wells

All abandoned wells and borings (including exploration and test holes) are required by law to be properly destroyed. Well drillers must obtain Environmental Health approval and a permit issued by the Sierra County Building Department prior to destroying a well.

The objective of destruction is to restore as nearly as possible those sub-surface conditions that existed before the well was constructed, in order to protect groundwater resources for current and future users. Only well drillers with a C-57 license are designated by law to destroy.