Property Tax Information

The Property Tax System - Overview

Unsecured Property Tax

(business equipment, mining claims & equipment, boats, etc.)

Bills are mailed in late July. Call or email us for a copy if you have not received your tax bill by August 10.

Payment deadline: August 31st
Late payments accrue 10% late penalty if paid through October 31st. If paid after that date, additional 1.5% per month plus cost of collection accrue.

Contact the Tax Collector's Office if you have questions about the payment status or amount of your current or prior year unsecured tax bills.

Secured Property Tax

(homes, real estate, commercial property, mobile homes, etc.)

Bills are mailed in October. Call or email us for a copy if you have not received your tax bill by November 10.

Pay 1st installment without 10% penalty by December 10th
Pay 2nd installment without 10% penalty and $10.00 cost by April 10th

Supplemental Property Tax

Supplemental bills are generated due to a reappraisal for new construction or a change in ownership including the location of a mining claim. Bills are generated by the Assessor's Office and mailed throughout the year. Due dates vary and are at least 30 days from the billing date.

Note: If a delinquent date falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the next business day.

To avoid late penalties, it is very important to keep us apprised of your correct mailing address.

View Secured and Supplemental Property Tax Bills

The current payment status and amount due of your secured and supplemental taxes by entering the parcel or account number here.