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Bid Title: Alleghany UST Site Well Destruction Work
Category: Request for Quote
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: Sierra County Department of Public Works


REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ) – July 15, 2021

NOTICE: Sierra County Department of Public Works hereby gives notice that in accordance with Public Contract Code 22000-22045 it will accept quotes for the following public work:

Alleghany UST Site Well Destruction Work


Location: 514 Miners Street, Alleghany, CA 95910

The work to be done and referred to herein is in Sierra County, State of California, and shall be constructed in accordance with the Plans, Specifications (including the payment of not less than the wages rates set forth therein) and the Contract annexed hereto. 

The work to be done is described in the Technical Specifications to the Bidding Documents, Specifications, and Contract Documents for Alleghany UST Site Well Destruction Work and includes:

  • Mobilization and Demobilization.
  • Monitoring/Vapor Extraction Well Destructions (Eleven wells) and Boring B-11. 
  • Destruction of Open Borehole at B-14 to a Depth of Fifty Feet.
  • Site Cleanup.

The Technical Specifications available for download and must be used in preparation of a quote.

Publication Date/Time:
7/15/2021 12:00 AM
Publication Information:
Request for Quote
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Submittal Information:
Submit open quote directly to Sierra County Public Works
Bid Opening Information:
Open informal
Pre-bid Meeting:
Contact Person:
Bryan Davey
(530) 289-3201
Download Available:
Plan & Spec Available:
Request for Quote package is available for download.
Business Hours:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Fax Number:
LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: The County of Sierra, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252) and the regulations of the Department of Commerce (15 C.F.R., Part 8), issued pursuant to such Act, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterpriser will be afforded full opportunity to submit quotes in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award.

This is a public works project. Pursuant to Sections 1770 and 1773 of the Labor Code of the State of California, the County of Sierra has ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages applicable to the work to be done. These rates are set forth in a schedule which is on file and available in the office of the Department of Public Works, County of Sierra. Contractor shall not pay less than the prevailing rate of wages. No quote will be considered unless it is made in accordance with the provisions of the proposal requirements and conditions set forth in the contract documents.

A contractor or subcontractor shall not be qualified to quote on, be listed in a quote proposal, subject to the requirements of Section 4104 of the Public Contract Code, or engage in the performance of any contract for public work, as defined in this chapter, unless currently registered and qualified to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5. It is not a violation of this section for an unregistered contractor to submit a quote that is authorized by Section 7029.1 of the Business and Professions Code or by Section 10164 or 20103.5 of the Public Contract Code, provided the contractor is registered to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5 at the time the contract is awarded.

CONTRACTOR REQUIREMENTS: The following requirements apply to all contractors for all public works projects in Sierra County. All contractors must:

Have a current, valid California class C-57 contractor license, under the name for which the proposal is submitted.
If contract award is greater than $25,000 the contractor shall meet the following requirements:

Be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations. See for more information. This requirement also applies to all subcontractors doing work on this project.
Provide the your DIR registration number with the quote.

A list of all planned subcontractors, with name of company, project contact, business address/phone number, California contractor license number, DIR number, and total dollar amount of subcontract.

Special Requirements:
QUOTE SUBMISSION: Quotes will be received via mail at the Sierra County Public Works Office, P.O. Box 98, Downieville, CA 95936, by email to, or they can be delivered to 101 Courthouse Square, Downieville, CA until purchase order is issued to a Contractor.
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