Road Shops


150 Goodyears Creek Road
Goodyears Bar, CA 95944


There are multiple road shops throughout the County.  Please see below for their physical addresses and contact information.

Alleghany Shop 

514 Miners Street
Alleghany, CA 95910


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cusato, Edward Road Maintenance Supervisor 530-287-3245  
Dorn, Chris Road Maintenance Worker III 530-287-3245  
Gersnehl, Christian Road Maintenance Worker I 530-287-3245  

Goodyears Bar Shop 

150 Goodyears Creek Road
Goodyear Bar, CA 95944


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Berndt, Sara Road Maintenance Worker III 530-289-3412  
Epps, Billy Road Maintenance Worker III 530-289-3302  
Fischer, Dean Equipment Shop Supervisor 530-289-3412  
Painter, Casey Lead Equipment Mechanic 530-289-3412  
O'mara-Green, Collin Road Maintenance Worker II 530-289-3412  
Marshall, Kevin Road Superintendent 530-289-3412  

Loyalton Shop 

1 Garbage Pit Road
Loyalton, CA 96118


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Filippini, Zack Road Maintenance Supervisor 530-993-4424  
Moore, Robert Road Superintendent 530-993-4424  
Freeto, Jason Road Maintenance Worker III 530-993-4424  
Sturcke , William (Billy) Solid Waste Supervisor/Sierra Brooks H2o III 530-993-4424  

Sierraville Shop 

104 N. Battelle Street
Sierraville, CA 96126


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Heubert, Jay Road Maintenance Worker III   530-994-3420  
Goss, Lawerence Road Maintenance Worker III   530-993-3420