Local Agency Formation Commission


Welcome to the Sierra County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo). The LAFCo is a state-mandated agency responsible for coordinating logical and timely changes in local governmental boundaries, conducting special studies that review ways to reorganize, simplify, and streamline governmental structure, and preparing a sphere of influence for each city and special district within Sierra County.

Efforts & Authority

The commission’s efforts are directed toward seeing that services are provided efficiently and economically, while agricultural and open-space lands are protected. To better inform itself and the community as it seeks to exercise its charge, Sierra County LAFCo must conduct service reviews to evaluate the provision of municipal services within each district. Sierra County LAFCo has authority over:

  • Boundary changes
  • Sphere of influence studies
  • Service reviews
  • Initiation of special district consolidations
  • Out-of-agency service agreements
  • Adoption of local policies
Sierra LAFCO Special Meeting Agenda: May 30, 2023     

        Sierra Valley Fire Protection District
 Annexation Resolution 2018-01  
SCFPD# 1 Executive Officer Report with SOI & MSR
 Resolution # 2018-0001 approving MSR  
 Resolution # 2018-0002 Approving SOI   
 Resolution # 2018-0003 Approving Annexation