Animal Licensing

Dog licensing is mandated by the State of California Health and Human Services Department.The Licensing is required to ensure all dogs have been properly vaccinated against rabies. All counties within the State of California have been declared "rabies areas" since 2007. This is based on the ongoing cycles of rabies in California's wildlife, and the resulting threat of exposure to domestic animals, livestock, and humans. Learn more about rabies.

2022 Sierra County Rabies Clinic
Sierra County Dog License Application
Sierra County Renewal Dog License Application

Sierra County Dog Licensing Fees

Service Service Charge & Fee
All Dogs over 4 months shall be licensed within Sierra County
Dog License
  One year license - Male/Female
  One year license - Neutered/Spayed
  Two/Three years license - Male/Female
  (to coincide with rabies certificate)
  Two/Three years license - Neutered/Spayed
  (to coincide with rabies certificate)
Dog licenses are FREE for Senior Citizens 65 years of age & older

$ 30.00
$ 15.00
$ 40.00

$ 20.00
Penalty for failure to renew (in addition to license fee) +$20.00
Replacement for lost tags $ 9.00
Dog license Transfer Fee (from another county) $ 7.00
Penalty for failure to procure license within 30 days (in addition to transfer or new license fee) +$20.00
Vicious or Dangerous Animal License
  Application (including first annual permit)
  Annual Permit
  Penalty for failure to renew (in addition to license fee)

$ 172.00
$ 50.00
Kennel License
  5-10 dogs
  11-15 dogs
  16 or more dogs
  Penalty for failure to renew (in addition to kennel license fee)

$ 212.00
$ 251.00
$ 291.00
Additional Tags $ 1.00
Field enforcement - hourly fee $ 91.00/hr.
Impound fees Total costs including, but not limited to, all applicable expenses such as time, mileage, boarding.