Geographic Information System (GIS Map)

Sierra County Online GIS Map

When you visit Sierra County's online GIS map you can view a map of the county, get Census information, and zoom in on Assessor's parcels, sites, and land use designations. You can also search and create reports showing parcel acreage and assessed values.

Directions for Navigating the Online GIS Map (for PC Users)

The first page you will see, "You will be automatically logged on, please wait." The system is loading, no log-in is required.

To access the User's Guide, simply click on the question mark provided on the website.

Please note that it takes a moment for the map to load after each legend field is selected. The fewer fields chosen, the faster the information will load. To choose a field, place the cursor over the blank box and click the mouse to select. Place the cursor (hand or pointer) over various areas on the map in order to view the information. To get a closer look, place the cursor over the spot you want to view and right hand click the mouse to choose the "zoom in" feature. Choose the "hand" feature to again pan across the map. Using the tool bar (the green field above the map) can also help you navigate.

Acquiring SHAPE Files & Parcel Boundaries

SHAPE files and parcel boundaries are available for purchase from the Sierra County Assessor's Office for $500. For information about purchasing the data, please contact the Assessor's Office by Emailing Crystal Rust or calling 530-289-3283.