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Foodborne illness in the United States is a major cause of personal distress, preventable death, and avoidable economic burden. The food industry and regulatory authorities share responsibility for ensuring that food provided to the consumer is safe and does not become a cause of a disease outbreak or contribute to the transmission of communicable diseases. This shared responsibility extends to ensuring that consumer expectations are met and that food is unadulterated, prepared in a clean environment, and honestly presented.


The purpose of this program is to assure that food provided for human consumption is wholesome, properly labeled and advertised; and, that it has been produced, handled, and stored under conditions and by practices which are safe and sanitary.


Activities within the program include the inspection of restaurants, markets, bars, bakeries, farmers markets, commissaries, mobile food facilities, temporary facilities, and cottage food operations to determine compliance with the consumer protection requirements of the California Retail Food Code.

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