Functions of the Auditor/Risk Manager

The auditor/risk manager performs a number of functions including:

  • Processing Supplemental, Unsecured, and Secured Property Taxes delivered from the Assessor’s Office
  • Payroll and many of the human resources functions for the County
  • Paying most of the vendors that work with the County
  • Ensuring that tax payer dollars are being accounted for and properly spent according to the law, budget and cash available
  • Preparing the county budget, financial statements, and indirect cost allocation plans
  • Working with external auditors from the State Controller’s Office, the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, and our privately contracted auditors who issue our financial statements
  • Working with all county departments to ensure a safe workplace through onsite meetings and multiple annual training
  • Risk Manager – prepares all documents to acquire appropriate insurance, (property, Liability, workers compensation) to protect the County’s financial assets, works with our third-party administrator on all claims against the county
  • Budget Officer – Compiles a basic budget and all request for additional expenditures, advises the Board and Departments on the cost of such requests, issues a preliminary and finals budget as the Board of Supervisors directs, monitors the actual amounts departments spend during the year to the Board adopted budget. Makes forecasts of revenues and expenditures for the Board of Supervisors to make informed decisions