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Tobacco Use Prevention
1800 NO BUTTS CA Smokers’ Helpline  
California Smokers' Helpline is a free telephone quit smoking program for California residents (1-800-NO-BUTTS). 
The benefits of quitting tobacco use are unique to each person. Quitting is hard work and can be quite frustrating at times, but keep trying, it is worth it!           
 My Last Dip Chewing is not a safe alternative to smoking. 

For help to quit chewing go to My Last Dip.  My Last Dip is currently enrolling participants into a federally-funded smokeless tobacco cessation project that uses self-help materials delivered through the mail.
 Don't Buy the Lies Don’t Buy the Lies

Are you being deceived by Big Tobacco? What would you do if a friend offered you tobacco? Get educated and play some games while doing it!
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Contact Us

Anne Reugebrink
Public Health Educator
Tobacco Program Coordinator

350 Third St.
P.O. Box 7
Loyalton, CA 96118
Ph: 530-993-6700
Fax: 530-993-6741

22 Maiden Lane
P.O. Box 38
Downieville CA 95936
Ph: 530-289-3711
Fax: 530-289-3716

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Noon - 1 p.m.