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Water Quality

Small Public Water Supply Program

The purpose of the Small Public Water Supply program is to protect public health and prevent disease by assuring that domestic water served by small public water systems is at all times safe, potable, available in adequate quantity and protected against contaminating backflow. In Sierra County, the Small Public Water Supply program is regulated by the California Department of Public Health, Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management (530) 224-4800.

What is a State Small Water System?
Sierra County has regulatory authority for the smaller systems called “State Small Water Systems”. The purpose of this program is to protect public health and prevent disease by assuring that state small water systems provide safe potable water by verifying compliance with State laws and regulations and local ordinances.

State small water systems are defined as having between 5-14 service connections, and not regularly serving more than an average of 25 individuals daily for more than 60 days out of the year. The State Small Water System Program is a state mandated program.

What are some of the regulated contaminants in drinking water?
Primary maximum contaminant levels (MCL’s) address health concerns such as bacteriological quality, while secondary MCL’s are aesthetic and impact taste or odor.


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