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Jim Beard, District 4
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Scott A. Schlefstein, Vice-Chair, District 5

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The Sierra County Board of Supervisors will meet in special session commencing at 10:00 a.m. on April 19, 2017 in the Loyalton Social Hall, in the Loyalton City Park, Loyalton, CA. This meeting will be recorded for posting on the Board of Supervisors' website at


If requested, this agenda can be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rules and Regulations adopted in implementation thereof.  Persons seeking an alternative format should contact the Clerk of the Board for further information.  In addition, a person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation, in order to participate in a public meeting should telephone or otherwise contact the Clerk of the Board as soon as possible and at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.  The Clerk of the Board may be reached at 530-289-3295 or at the following addresses:

Heather Foster
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
County of Sierra
100 Courthouse Square, Room 11
P.O. Drawer D
Downieville, CA 95936

  • Call to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call
Public workshop conducted by the Board of Supervisors for open discussion and direction to County staff on the status of the Loyalton Mobilehome Park located off of Hill Street in Loyalton. This workshop is being held in part, to encourage existing mobilehome park occupants to be able to ask questions and comment to the Board of Supervisors on the future of the Loyalton Mobilehome Park.


  1. Introductions of County staff and representatives from other agencies
  2. Discussion by Board members on the scope of the workshop
  3. Presentations by staff on the history of the Loyalton Mobilehome Park including, but not limited to: County permit and land use history (County Planning staff); tax delinquency status and tax sale status (County Tax-Collector); and status of state permits and orientation with the Mobilehome Parks Act (HCD staff)
  4. Compliance of the Loyalton Mobilehome Park with state and local regulations and enforcement action options
  5. Presentation by the State Department of Housing Community Development (HCD) on possible options and results including: continuation of the suspension of the Park's permit to operate; revocation of the Park's permit to operate; and HCD lifting the suspension of the permit to operate for the rehabilitation of the Park
  6. Review of options for the future of the Loyalton Mobilehome Park
  7. Open discussion and questions from the audience
  8. Concluding statements from County staff and HCD staff
  9. Discussion by the Board of Supervisors
  10. Direction to County staff