About Sandbags

When conditions indicate flooding could be expected, Public Works stages sand and sandbags at various locations through-out Sierra County. Residents may self-serve access these materials as needed to reduce impacts of flooding on their property. Filling, transporting, and placing sandbags is a physically demanding activity. 

The pre-determined potential locations are:

  • Alleghany, at the County Road Shop, 513 Miners Street
  • Calpine, at the Post Office parking lot, 103 County Road
  • Downieville, at the Yuba Trailhead parking lot behind the Forest Service, 480 Durgan Flat Way
  • Goodyears Bar, at the County Road Shop, 150 Goodyears Creek Road
  • Loyalton, at the County Road Shop, Garbage Pit Road (Loyalton Dump)
  • Pike, at Pike City Firehouse, 100 Pike City Road
  • Sierra City, at the Kentucky Mine, 100 Kentucky Mine Road
  • Sierraville, at the County Road Shop, 104 Battelle Road
  • Verdi, on Dog Valley Road

NOTE: Materials will not always be accessible or available. Enroll in Notifications if you would like to receive emails when up-dates are made to the News Flash Section of the website. Posting a News Flash to the County website is one of the ways notifications of active staging of materials may be provided. 

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