Legal Document Assistant


Legal Document Assistant - Individual
Legal Document Assistant - Corporation

REGISTRATION - To complete the registration process, you must do the following:

1. Complete and sign the application form (Business and Professions Code 6402).

2. You must qualify under section 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the second page of the application and submit the required documentation (Business and Professions Code 6402.1).

3. Provide payment of fees: (Business and Professions Code 6404).

  • Registration fee - cash or check payable to the Sierra County Clerk-Recorder
  • Fee for File Stamp Bond
  • Recording fees $14 for the first page of the bond and $3 for each additional page
  • Identification card - One will be issued; however, there is an $10.00 fee for each additional card requested

4. $25,000 bond for type of registration you are applying for. * 

5. Electronic passport photo for each identification card to be issued.

6. Valid Picture Identification.

7. All above items need to be presented in person to the County Clerk's office in which you are applying for registration in. 

* Please note - a separate bond is required for each type of registration. If you are applying for secondary registration, then you must also have a certified copy of the bond from the county of primary registration (Business and Professional Code 6405 (a)(1)).