Northern Sierra Opioid Safety Coalition

Sierra County is part of the Northern Sierra Opioid Safety Coalition (NSOSC).

The goal of NSOSC is to reduce misuse of prescription opioids and reduce deaths due to overdose. Though the problem is grim, especially in our rural region, it is important to remember that this is a solvable issue. With the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of community partners, we can reverse this devastating trend.

To learn more about the coalition's activities and view valuable reference resources visit Plumas County's website where the NSOSC website is hosted.
California Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard enables surveillance of several short and long-term goals currently targeted by California's Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention program. Select Sierra County from the County Dashboard link to view local data.

We hope you will join the movement and be part of the solution. Please show your commitment to stem this national epidemic by joining us at

Together, we can #TurnTheTide