Client Services

Notice that changes are being made to the beneficiary handbook, effective March 2, 2023.

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Client Services

Please contact us to receive services or to refer a person to the Behavioral Health Department. The staff will walk you through the initial screening process to determine if you are eligible for services and schedule your first appointment at the office.

Following are the intake forms which can be completed prior to your first appointment:

Additional materials you will be provided:

Specialty Mental Health Services

Your regular doctor, sometimes referred to as your primary care physician (PCP), can provide some mental health services. However, sometimes mental health services need to be provided by a specialist. These services are referred to as “specialty mental health services.” These specialty services are provided through the Placer/Sierra County Mental Health Plan or MHP, which is separate from your regular doctor.

Placer/Sierra County Mental Health Plan (MHP)

The MHP works very much like a health insurance plan for “specialty mental health services.” The people who are covered in this Mental Health Plan (MHP) include children, young people, adults, and older adults, who live in Placer or Sierra County and receive Placer or Sierra County Medi-Cal. Each county in California has its own MHP and each MHP works differently. All county MHPs operate under rules set by the State of California and the federal government.

Placer/Sierra Mental Health Plan (MHP) Beneficiary Handbook (English)