Vehicles & Appliances



Appliances are accepted for free at all Sierra County Solid Waste Sites from residents with the exception of


  • Refrigerator or Compressor containing units without Certificate of Freon Removal (Accepted only with door removed)
  • Refrigerator or compressor containing units Certified Freon Free (Accepted only with door removed)

Non-Residential and Mixes Use Commercial Businesses


  • White Goods (Washer, Dryer)
  • White Goods with Freon (Freezer, Refrigerator, etc.)
    (Accepted only with door removed)
  • White Goods without Freon (Freezer, Refrigerator, etc.)
    (Certification Required) Accepted only with door removed.
  • Large Appliances (non-White goods, i.e. woodstoves, heaters, etc)

See fee schedule for items above.

Vehicles and Tires

Vehicles: Accepted at the Loyalton Transfer Station Only, Drained of All Fluids:

  • Standard Vehicle – Light Truck
  • Large Truck – Heavy Equipment
Not accepted:  Mobilehomes, Travel Trailers, Campers 

Tires, Accepted at all Sierra County Solid Waste Sites:

  • Passenger Tire w/o rim
  • Passenger Tire with rim
  • Light Truck Tire w/o rim
  • Light Truck Tire with rim
  • Large Truck Tire (Greater than 20”)
  • Large Truck Tire (Greater than 20”) with rim
  • Heavy Equipment Tires:
  • Loader, Backhoe, Grader, etc. w/o rim

See fee schedule for items above.

Questions? Call Public Works, (530) 289-3201