Information Systems

The Information Systems Department provides Sierra County departments with technology solutions and support. The IS Department strives to provide timely support, and stable technology systems to address the needs of various Sierra County departments; so they can in turn provide Sierra County residents with vital services. The primary functions of the Department are defined below:

- To enhance productivity to Sierra County Departments
- To provide technical support services to Sierra County departments
- To provide leadership and technical solutions to business needs and functions
- To provide leadership in purchasing hardware and software to maximize value
- To enhance communications, collaboration, and the flow of information
- To provide the public access to Sierra County services and information in an efficient manner
- To manage and optimize software licensing programs
- To manage technology vendor relationships and contracts
- To develop and implement beneficial information technology policies and procedures
- To provide access to new technology
- To provide efficient storage of data
- To provide a high level of cyber security and privacy
- To provide disaster recovery, business continuity and data back-up services
- To provide highly available systems

Attention Staff, are you experiencing an issue with your technology?  

Try this: Retry, Reboot, REPORT!

If you're experiencing a technical issue at your workstation, please try this mantra prior to submitting a work order, it may save you some time and frustration!

First, RETRY the task you are performing.  If an application you are using doesn't seem to be functioning in the manner you normally experience, close the application and attempt the task again.

Second, REBOOT the device.  In a lot of instances, simply rebooting your computer properly can fix issues you may be experiencing.

Finally, if after a reboot your computer or device still isn't working correctly, REPORT the issue using the work order system.  Please allow us 2 weeks to address your needs.  Status updates will be provided in the Spiceworks system.

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