Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of a five-person board chosen at large by the Board of Supervisors. Each term is for four years. The current commission members are:

Mike Filippini, Chair                                        Liz Fisher
Janet Baldridge, Vice Chair                           Irving Christensen 
James E. Kelley



  Planning Commission meetings are held the second Thursday following the first Tuesday of each month. Meeting locations are generally held at the following location:

Sierra County Courthouse 
Board of Supervisors Chambers
100 Courthouse Square
Downieville, CA 

  Special meetings may be called from time to time, with the meeting location, time, and date posted at least one week prior to the meetings. Occasionally, the meeting dates and locations are changed as the need arises.

  In accordance with the Brown Act, the Planning Commission meeting agenda is posted at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. Agenda and supporting documents are available online prior to the scheduled meeting, or you may review the documents during regular business hours at the Planning Department, at 101 Courthouse Square, Downieville. 

  Official recordings and minutes are on file with the Planning Department and may be requested by contacting the administrative assistant or access and viewed on the main website page under agenda and minutes.

  For more information please contact Planning Commission Secretary Tim Beals or call the Planning and Building Department at 530-289-3251.